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Five Steps For Crafting A Future-Proof Business Transformation Road Map

21-Aug-2019 | Satyanarayana Rao Karri | Road To Digital Transformation

A digital transformation road map approach leverages your vision, strategy, and goals to plan the holistic digital transformation of your business.

finance, digital transformation, framework, change management

Fostering Digitalization: The Journey Of Digital Metamorphosis

4-Apr-2019 | Juliana Oelfke | Road To Digital Transformation

Four-step approach guides finance leaders on the pathway to a successful digital transformation.

procurement, digital transformation

Procurement Striding Purposefully In The Digital Journey

27-Jun-2018 | Deepankar Sharma | Road To Digital Transformation

Beyond the gatekeeping function of cost savings and compliance, procurement is showcasing its value by becoming a collaborative function across the value chain, integrating knowledge and expertise from suppliers, contract manufacturers, and trading partners.

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