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Intelligent GRC For The Intelligent Enterprise

16-Oct-2018 | Bruce McCuaig | Risk Management Reporting

In the intelligent enterprise, GRC professionals must focus on the effective use of intelligent technology to manage risk.

GRC, governance, risk, compliance, preparation, strategy

"He Who Seeks Peace, Prepares" With Automated Monitoring

25-Jan-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | Risk Management Reporting

Automated monitoring is an integral aspect of ensuring that the governance works adequately – and as intended.

GDPR, compliance, risk, finance, CFO, regulations

What The CFO Really Needs To Know About The GDPR

25-Oct-2017 | Jerome Pugnet | Risk Management Reporting

GDPR compliance is not merely about avoiding fines and penalties; it's also a way to accelerate your organization’s digital evolution journey.

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