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Five Ways To Keep Your BI Team On The Right Side Of GDPR

18-Jan-2018 | Erica Lailhacar | risk management

Old habits die hard, but to protect your business against GDPR violations, it's critical that the business changes its data management ways immediately.

Black Swans, White Swans: They’re All Risks, At The End Of The Day!

11-Jan-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | risk management

Here's how a three lines of defense approach to risk management can help ensure that different departments work jointly to provide an effective response.

GDPR: Who Needs To Know And What They Need To Do

9-Jan-2018 | Christine Ashton | risk management

Businesses need to plan well in advance on how to deal with the requirements of GDPR. Here are some roles and perspectives to keep in mind.

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