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Are You Addressing Technology Hype With “Digital Optionality?”

10-Jul-2018 | James Lavely | Risk Assessment

Here's how to assess your digital optionality roadmap and incorporate sources of information on emerging technologies that may be relevant to your business.

GDPR, risk, compliance, data management, BI

Five Ways To Keep Your BI Team On The Right Side Of GDPR

18-Jan-2018 | Erica Lailhacar | Risk Assessment

Old habits die hard, but to protect your business against GDPR violations, it's critical that the business changes its data management ways immediately.

Black Swans, White Swans: They’re All Risks, At The End Of The Day!

11-Jan-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | Risk Assessment

Here's how a three lines of defense approach to risk management can help ensure that different departments work jointly to provide an effective response.

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