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How Retailers Market To Consumers Using "In-Moments"

26-Apr-2018 | Ralf Kern | Retail Analytics

Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment. In-moment marketing does just this: delivering critical information at the exact moment a consumer is poised to make a spending decision.

Conversational Commerce Explained

6-Apr-2018 | Jenn Vande Zande | Retail Analytics

Voice-driven shopping via digital assistant is booming, offering brands unparalleled opportunities. Here's how conversational commerce works, in four stages.

Take Back Your Customers With IoT Initiatives

19-Mar-2018 | Joerg Koesters | Retail Analytics

The simplest explanation of the future of retail is that IoT will become a critical enabler of the shopping experience. Here's what does connected customers expect, and what they can provide to the industry.

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