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Marketing executive analyzes risk management data to optimize marketing plans

The Critical Role Of Marketing Executives In Risk Management

13-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard | Reputation Management

Marketing executives can bring a proactive risk management approach to protect the brand, image, and reputation from adverse events.

Two coworkers view a message on a mobile device

Top Reputation Management Tips For Your Business

5-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns | Reputation Management

Reputation management is a vital part of any business strategy – especially today, when everything you do or say spreads online immediately.

Container ship in a lock on the Panama Canal

How Suppliers And Supply Chains Change Consumers’ Buying Behavior

6-Nov-2019 | Dr. Martin Kotula | Reputation Management

The liability question: Brand reputation and buying behavior can be destroyed through supply chain and the CPO may be responsible?

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