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Come Together: Putting Live And Historical Data In Memory

9-Aug-2018 | Tom Traubitz | Real-Time Database Platform

The ability to understand new incoming data in light of historical data is key to running an intelligent enterprise.

data management, data analytics, finance, intelligent enterprise

Business Needs Connected And Intelligent Data: Imperative #2

16-Jul-2018 | Tim Hardy | Real-Time Database Platform

A modern data-management system can help you tame your current data landscape complexity and smooth your path toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Translytical platforms, real time analytics, digital transformation

Simplify To The Core

8-May-2018 | Jesper Schleimann | Real-Time Database Platform

Translytical platforms support transactions and analytics in real time without sacrificing transactional integrity, performance, and scale. They are also the ultimate anecdote for a string of related pains in established companies that struggle in the era of digital transformation.

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