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Top Reasons For Agile Data Operations Management

7-May-2018 | Ella Brand | Real-Time Data Management

Five things you can expect to gain from investing in a sophisticated data operations management solution. 

Top 3 Data Management Issues With ERP Projects And How To Address Them

10-Apr-2018 | Tim Hardy | Real-Time Data Management

To become a successful digital business, you need to choose a data management strategy that empowers you to connect all your company’s data assets and analyze them in context to get the full picture of your business. Here are 3 issues to keep in mind.

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Thinking In Real Time: Pairing Continuous Accounting And Analytics

7-Mar-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | Real-Time Data Management

“Real-time” is a popular term in reporting and analytics, but it doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Before you just jump in, you need to think about your requirements and where “real-time” can become most meaningful.

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