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Making The Shift From Transactional To Relational Experiences (Part 3)

24-Apr-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan | Purpose-Driven Customer Experience

To succeed in the experience economy, shifting your customer experiences from transactional to relational is critical. Here's how to do it.

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Experience Matters: Make It Relational! (Part 2)

17-Apr-2019 | Akhilesh Mahto | Purpose-Driven Customer Experience

Moving consumers from transactional to relational experiences depends on the quality and trustworthiness of applications.

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Experience Matters: Make It Relational (Part 1)

10-Apr-2019 | Imran Khan | Purpose-Driven Customer Experience

Learn why customer experience is important, the key traits of transactional and relational experiences, and how to achieve relational experiences.

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