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How Technology Can Help CFOs Find Inspiration And Fuel Engagement

5-Nov-2018 | Gina McNamara | Purpose-Driven CFO Series

While business drives many technology advances, it’s perhaps more important for us to find inspiration and allow ourselves to improve alongside it.

Challenging The Status Quo: A CFO’s Journey To Support Gender Equality

29-Oct-2018 | Richard McLean | Purpose-Driven CFO Series

As strategic leaders, we need to appreciate gender differences and adapt our style and workplace environment to ensure that we really create equal opportunity.

corporate social responsibility, finance, leadership, intelligent enterprise, employee engagement, purpose

Employee Engagement: The Root Of A Purpose-Driven Finance Organization

22-Oct-2018 | Peter David | Purpose-Driven CFO Series

Bringing finance into corporate social responsibility work is a proven path to effectuating change throughout the world.

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