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Why Technology Alone Is Not Enough – Part 2

17-Jan-2018 | Bernd Leukert | purpose-driven business

In the age of AI and digitalization, ethics and purpose are more important than ever, but the issues are also harder than ever to address.

Why Technology Alone Is Not Enough – Part 1

10-Jan-2018 | Bernd Leukert | purpose-driven business

Technological and economic development in the future will require trust, ethics, and purpose. Open, transparent ecosystems and networks can foster this.

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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Analytics Enables Holistic Healing From Forest To Pharmacy

30-Aug-2017 | Peter Johnson | purpose-driven business

Digitalist Flash Briefing: Take a look at a healthcare company that uses analytics and holistic healing to keep their customers healthy and give back to their community.

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