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Success Is More Than Just Profit

17-Jul-2018 | Luka Mucic | Purpose-Driven Business

SAP CFO Luka Mucic explains why sustainability is rising to the top of the CFO agenda of many companies.

data management, UN Sustainable Development Goals, corporate social responsibility, SAP HANA

Transforming Our World For The Better With Data

28-Jun-2018 | Bernd Leukert | Purpose-Driven Business

From collecting data to support gender equality to using data to protect wildlife, data-driven solutions are changing the world. And as technology develops, so do the possibilities to make an even more positive global impact.

purpose, millennials, CFO

The Purpose-Driven CFO: A New Blog Series

5-Jun-2018 | Joel Bernstein | Purpose-Driven Business

Focusing on purpose helps finance leaders become strategic CFOs capable of running an intelligent finance organization.

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