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Businesses With A Purpose And Latin America's Evolution

29-Aug-2019 | Marcelo Fernandes | Purpose-Driven

Procurement and supply chain professionals can play a key role by embracing technologies that make them leaders in this purposeful new business-oriented era.

Carrying water pots, Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Global Supply Chains: A Collective Force Against Human Trafficking

3-Apr-2018 | Marcell Vollmer | Purpose-Driven

Purpose-driven companies do more than just managing people and resources and shuttling products from one place to another while keeping costs as low as possible. They also mobilize people and resources in a way that builds a healthy, sustainable, and scalable culture.

Why Technology Alone Is Not Enough – Part 1

10-Jan-2018 | Bernd Leukert | Purpose-Driven

Technological and economic development in the future will require trust, ethics, and purpose. Open, transparent ecosystems and networks can foster this.

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