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GDPR, data protection, compliance, GRC, public cloud, cloud computing

GDPR Vs. Data Localization Vs. Public Cloud

2-Oct-2018 | Peter Whibley | Public Cloud

You can be GDPR compliant in the public cloud, provided you know in near real time where your data is being stored, moved, and processed.

ERP, public cloud, cloud computing

Why Three Companies Chose Public Cloud

24-Sep-2018 | Carl Dubler | Public Cloud

An automotive company, an e-retailer, and an oil and gas enterprise find cost savings and efficiencies in moving their ERP solution to the public cloud.

How To Choose The Right ERP Deployment Destination

17-Sep-2018 | Carl Dubler | Public Cloud

Should you run your ERP system on-premise or in the cloud? It's not a straightforward choice. Here are the factors you should consider.

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