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Human-Centered Innovation: Find Your Way Out Of The Proof-Of-Concept Trap

18-Nov-2019 | Ben Gilchriest | Proof Of Concept

As innovation processes and strategies continue to mature, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of people.

Duct Tape Trumps PowerPoint

2-May-2019 | Bertram Schulte | Proof Of Concept

Throw out that stale PowerPoint deck and embrace the only true way of reaching your company’s digital potential: an experimentation culture.

Intel, Flex, UPS Test Blockchain Proof Of Concept

16-Apr-2019 | Ganesh Wadawadigi | Proof Of Concept

Intel, Flex, and UPS recently executed more than a dozen trades on a blockchain PoC system in parallel to their current systems. Here's what they learned.

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