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How Not To Lose Your Job To Robots, Part 2

23-May-2018 | Paul Dandurand | Project Manager

The arrival of AI in your workplace could be a negative thing, unless you are able to understand where AI complements your intelligence instead of replacing it.

How Not To Lose Your Job To A Robot, Part 1

16-May-2018 | Paul Dandurand | Project Manager

If you want to be the kind of project manager who is not replaceable by a robot, you need to learn how to use your human innovative and empathy strengths and reinvent how you provide value in your role. This can be done in partnership with artificial intelligence.

project management, artificial intelligence, AI, robots, future of work

Will You Lose Your Project Management Job To An AI Robot?

9-May-2018 | Paul Dandurand | Project Manager

Robots can already do many project management duties better than humans. Here are signs that you need to up your ante to preserve your employability.

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