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Live Product Innovation, Part 4: Configurable, Personalized Products For A Lot Size Of One

15-May-2017 | John McNiff | Product Lifecycle Management

In a live business, personalized products require systems that are connected, integrated, embedded, and intelligent throughout the full value chain.

The (R)evolution Of PLM, Part 2: Tearing Down System And Process Silos

14-Dec-2016 | John McNiff | Product Lifecycle Management

A digital product innovation platform can help you respond to changing market dynamics and give you the tools to reshape the market to your own advantage.

IoT platform, manufacturing, IoT, supply chain, logistics, PLM, R&D, engineering

The (R)evolution of PLM, Part 1: Enabling “Live” R&D and Engineering

7-Dec-2016 | John McNiff | Product Lifecycle Management

Product individualization, accelerating design cycles, and growth of IoT are putting big pressures on the old, linear way of doing product lifecycle management.

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