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Engineer With Finished Steel Product

The Product Lifecycle And The Customer Experience: Putting The “L” Back In PLM

27-Feb-2020 | Keith Zobott | Product As A Service

A key aspect of the customer experience is the product's operation, which is where product lifecycle management (with an emphasis on the “L”) comes into play.

Productization, IT, software, services

“Productization Of Services” In The IT Services Industry

24-Apr-2019 | Abhishek Devpura | Product As A Service

Packaging a technology product with managed services provides a cohesive and standardized offering to help solve customers' business problems.

industrial manufacturers, manufacturing, digital manufacturing, digitalization, automation, SAP Innovation Awards

Industrial Manufacturers: Stories Of Innovation

26-Mar-2019 | Judy Cubiss | Product As A Service

The 2019 SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the companies and people that are transforming their businesses, driving innovation, and winning in the digital economy.

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