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GDPR: A Way To Utilize Processes As Assets (Part 2)

8-Aug-2018 | Cindy Morel | Process Improvement

Process transparency can help identify compliance issues and can pinpoint manual process steps that would benefit from digitalization or automation.

finance, financial close, financial reporting, continuous accounting, leadership

10 Takeaways To Achieve Continuous Accounting

30-May-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | Process Improvement

Transform your finance department by applying the latest continuous methodologies to everything from your financial close processes to your budgeting and planning activities.

finance, financial close, financial reporting, continuous accounting

Three Ways Accounting Can Use Process Analytics For Financial Close Improvement

16-May-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | Process Improvement

Agile methodology isn't just for IT; it's also a smart way to bring continuous accounting processes to the finance department.

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