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Colleagues review graphics and charts from a group innovation design-thinking session

Five Things Enterprises Need To Do To Scale Robotic Process Automation

8-Jan-2020 | Bruno Stefanile | Process Automation

One of the biggest challenges for IT departments and shared service centers in pursuing robotic process automation is creating industrial scale.

Worker using internet of things data on a digital tablet at tool manufacturing plant

IoT-Enabled Transformation For Tangible Business Value

26-Dec-2019 | Chiara Martini | Process Automation

Segregated operations and IT environments are inefficient and costly; converging them in an Industrial IoT is the way to improve automation and innovation.

financial leaders reviews business performance dat on his laptop

Becoming A Digital Enterprise: The Role Of The CFO

17-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl | Process Automation

Digital transformation vests unique power in CFOs' hands and marks a new era for their role in the enterprise.

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