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Two car mechanics run diagnostics on a vehicle

Prioritize Commodity Over Diversifying Processes: Top 5 Best Practices Of Best-in-Class Digitalists, Part 3

11-Dec-2019 | Alexander Greb | Process Automation

When evaluating which business processes to move into the cloud, consider which are commodities and which differentiate you from your competition.

CFO analyzes finance data on her tablet

GRC And Intelligent Finance: How To Get The Human Factor Right

3-Dec-2019 | Bruce Romney | Process Automation

With intelligent access, intelligent controls, and intelligent detection, organizations can get the human factor just right for automated finance processes.

creative employees working late in the office

Why Business And IT Leaders Must Be Digital Heroes To Lead Transformation

26-Nov-2019 | Jan Gilg | Process Automation

By preparing your business for the future with a new generation of ERP solutions, you can open the door to new innovations and opportunities.

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