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Why Vulnerability In IT Infrastructure Is A Force Majeure In The Digital World

14-Aug-2019 | Melissa Burns | Privacy Policy

These cybersecurity concepts have the highest potential to ensure major benefits for the entire society in the near future.

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GDPR: Data Protection Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

1-Aug-2018 | Bil Khan | Privacy Policy

Post-GDPR, companies must take a much broader view of personal information that incorporates not only policy and governance elements but also gives control back to the customer as the rightful owner of their own information.

Establish Trust In The Digital Age

6-Jun-2018 | John Roche | Privacy Policy

The ability to quickly gather, analyze, and execute on consumer data will continue to increase with advances in technology and expanding consumer expectations. It is imperative that your organization creates a culture (backed up by data-protection first policy) of handling consumer data with care.

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