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Establish Trust In The Digital Age

6-Jun-2018 | John Roche | Privacy Policy

The ability to quickly gather, analyze, and execute on consumer data will continue to increase with advances in technology and expanding consumer expectations. It is imperative that your organization creates a culture (backed up by data-protection first policy) of handling consumer data with care.

Balancing Progress And Privacy In The Tech Industry

16-Apr-2018 | Danielle Homer | Privacy Policy

Technological advances offer exciting possibilities to improve our world, but we need to collectively address privacy, security, and other challenges of technology and understand how these could negatively affect our lives.

GDPR, risk, compliance, data management, BI

Five Ways To Keep Your BI Team On The Right Side Of GDPR

18-Jan-2018 | Erica Lailhacar | Privacy Policy

Old habits die hard, but to protect your business against GDPR violations, it's critical that the business changes its data management ways immediately.

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