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Predicting The Future Is Hard

5-Aug-2019 | Andreas Bitterer | Predictive Modeling

Augmented analytics in BI platforms can provide much better predictions than simple brainpower and don't require a data scientist on call.

CFO analyzes processes and transactions to pinpoint and correct areas of potential fraud

Five Ways CFOs Can Use AI – Today

29-Jul-2019 | Nigel Duffy | Predictive Modeling

While AI is often overhyped, there are a number of practical applications that are available to finance chiefs.

bias, ethics, artificial intelligence, AI, decision intelligence, DI, risk management

From Data To Model Risk: The Enterprise AI/DI Risk Management Challenge (Part 2)

30-Jan-2019 | VR Ferose | Predictive Modeling

If we wait for the hidden biases and other flaws hiding in our data to emerge out of AI-based decision systems, it will be too late.

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