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From Data To Model Risk: The Enterprise AI/DI Risk Management Challenge (Part 2)

30-Jan-2019 | VR Ferose | Predictive Modeling

If we wait for the hidden biases and other flaws hiding in our data to emerge out of AI-based decision systems, it will be too late.

From Data To Model Risk: The Enterprise AI/DI Risk Management Challenge (Part 1)

24-Jan-2019 | VR Ferose | Predictive Modeling

As enterprise companies embrace AI, the potential for harm is greater than it is for consumer applications. Here are some examples and potential implications.

marketing, consumer goods, market estimation, forecasting

Spread Of Infectious Diseases, Consumer Goods Adoption, And Technology S Curves

11-Dec-2018 | Rohit Tripathi | Predictive Modeling

The Bass Model helps predict a new product's market, even when there's limited historical data on the category.

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