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Worker looking at microscope view of component

The Future Plant: Current Challenges In Asset Performance

12-May-2020 | Alexandra Glombik | Predictive Maintenance

Digital twin technology gives a continuous, real-time view of asset performance to improve maintenance decisions and reduce downtime.

Worker using internet of things data on a digital tablet at tool manufacturing plant

IoT-Enabled Transformation For Tangible Business Value

26-Dec-2019 | Chiara Martini | Predictive Maintenance

Segregated operations and IT environments are inefficient and costly; converging them in an Industrial IoT is the way to improve automation and innovation.

Intelligently Manage Assets With Custom Analysis Apps

18-Sep-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia | Predictive Maintenance

To manage assets effectively, companies need their home-grown industrial processes to work in concert with the solutions they purchase from software vendors.

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