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Embedded Analytics: The Edge Midsize Businesses Need In The Race For Continuous Intelligence

6-May-2019 | Timo Elliott | Predictive Analytics

Intelligent technologies provide midsize companies the visibility, transparency, and automation necessary to take on a larger vision with the same resources.

Three Alternate Ways Top CMOs Use Data Analytics

2-May-2019 | Tracy Vides | Predictive Analytics

Analysis of customer data is critical to growing your organization. Here's how to improve customer acquisition and retention with precise analytics.

customer experience, customer engagement, support, predictive support, preventative support

The Next Generation Of Support: Think Evolution, Not Just A New Experience

1-May-2019 | Mohammed Ajouz | Predictive Analytics

By using the data at their disposal, support providers can fix problems before they occur, leading to fewer business interruptions and more satisfied customers.

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