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Emerging Technologies Enabling Data-Driven Policy And Practice

31-May-2018 | Ryan van Leent | Poverty

Predictive analytics, machine learning, and real-time computing technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for data-driven policy and program insights to deliver better outcomes on poverty, drug addiction, and other social problems.

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Air Cover For The Endangered

20-Mar-2018 | Rick Price | Poverty

Real-time Big Data gives non-governmental agency a strong weapon in the fight to save endangered elephants and rhinos while helping people in poverty create new ways to earn a living and turn away from poaching.

procurement, office supplies, indigenous people, Australia, Muru, SAP, small and midsize business, business network

Muru Walks A Pathway To The Future

24-Oct-2017 | Rick Price | Poverty

Technology-linked business networks enable smaller, previously marginalized companies to compete with large enterprises.

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