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Why GDPR Is A Helpful Catalyst For The Postmodern CIO

23-Jan-2018 | Christine Ashton | Postmodern CIO series

For the postmodern CIO, GDPR offers a chance to show how cloud computing can be leveraged to transform business in a way that mitigates corporate risk.

Four Steps To Becoming The Postmodern CIO Your Business Demands

16-Jan-2018 | Christine Ashton | Postmodern CIO series

These four steps can help you become the postmodern CIO your company needs to survive in a world of constant competition and rapid technological change.

Data protection manager sitting in front of a whiteboard.

GDPR and Data Security: Who Needs to Know and What They Need to Do

9-Jan-2018 | Christine Ashton | Postmodern CIO series

Businesses need to plan well in advance on how to deal with the data security requirements of GDPR. Here are some roles and perspectives to keep in mind.

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