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logistics worker is organising dispatch of freight on her interactive digital map whilst talking on her headset.

Digital Supply Chain And Digital Logistics: A Chat With Till Dengel

25-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery | Podcast

Till Dengel, global head of Digital Logistics Solution Management at SAP, fills the gaps on digital logistics, what it is, and where it is going.

Steel coil cut machine

The Advantages Of Digital Supply Chains: A Podcast With Johannes Drooghaag

13-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery | Podcast

On episode 17 of the Digital Supply Chain podcast, Johannes Drooghaag talks about manufacturing, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity, and other topics.

Engineer using laptop computer for maintenance equipment in thermal power plant factory

Digital Supply Chains That Deliver People's Desires: A Chat With Dorit Shackleton

4-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery | Podcast

Dorit Shackleton, global head of marketing and communications for digital supply chain, explains what's behind the new Desires Delivered branding.

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