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How Finance’s Intelligent-Enterprise Mindset Fuels Smarter Processes

31-May-2018 | Ido Shamgar | Planning And Consolidation

Here are three basic end-to-end finance scenarios that show how an intelligent-enterprise mindset can create a wave of transformation that can position the entire business on the right course.

Group Reporting In The Cloud

29-May-2018 | Ulrich Schlueter | Planning And Consolidation

By using the right information technology, accounting teams can increase the data quality, speed, and transparency of group closing processes – and help their firms run better and smarter.

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Three Technology Areas to Consider For Continuous Accounting: Automation, Scheduling, And Monitoring

18-Apr-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | Planning And Consolidation

Automation, scheduling, and monitoring provide accounting with the toolbox to understand the integrity of the finance process and identify opportunities to apply continuous improvements.

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