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Will There Be A Digital Twin For Everything And Everyone?

14-Aug-2018 | Markus Steer | Personalization

Digital twin technology lets businesses custom-design products, perform real-time simulation, and increase predictability while maintaining business agility.

digital twins, internet of things, sensors, manufacturing, supply chain, product individualization, engineering

Product Individualization And The Network Of Digital Twins

2-Aug-2018 | Robert Merlo | Personalization

A network of digital twins facilitates the drive toward more personalized products by giving you agility that only digital can deliver.

How To Scale 3D Printing Using Distributed Manufacturing

15-Jun-2018 | Vikas Gupta | Personalization

3D printing can cut costs by reducing time to prototype and product development. It enables companies to address the "lot size of one" and mass customization.

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