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Oil pumps working in field

Addressing Ongoing Disruption In The Oil And Gas Industry

5-May-2020 | Kathryn Zwack | Partnerships

Forging an ecosystem with trading partners enables oil and gas companies to leverage the knowledge and strengths of others in the industry to survive volatility.

Lab technician wears personal protective equipment manufactured by automakers

How Automakers Are Saving Lives With Smart Partnerships

21-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli | Partnerships

Automakers are shifting their manufacturing plants to make ventilators, PPE, and other life-saving equipment to help people fighting COVID-19.

Businessman looking through office window in sunlight

The 10 Rules Of Digital Transformation

4-Mar-2020 | Mukesh Gupta | Partnerships

A great set of rules to keep in mind before embarking on your digital transformation project, as proven by the Group Strategy office at Mahindra and Mahindra.

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