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CFOs Across Asia-Pacific Have Room To Improve With Intelligent Technologies

17-Jun-2019 | Gina McNamara | Oxford Economics

Intelligent technology keeps CFOs abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes, transforming their core function into creating value across the business.

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The New “Digital” Reality Of Corporate Finance

18-Jun-2018 | Sonal Gupta | Oxford Economics

Finance functions are evolving, and leadership should be spending a lot more time in business value creation, driving business strategy rather than providing inputs based on historical numbers.

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Jobs Of The Future: The Collaborative Financial Officer

6-Jun-2018 | Niall Salmon | Oxford Economics

Businesses and CFOs with poor collaboration are missing out on one of the greatest strengths of their finance department: the huge value provided by the data they collect. Consider these three ways finance leaders can act more collaboratively.

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