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Financce audits compliance records

Should You Outsource Your Risk And Compliance Activities?

23-Oct-2019 | Simon Persin | Outsourcing

By looking at which compliance activities to outsource and which to keep in-house, you can achieve a balanced model that makes sense for your organization.

supplier risk, supply chain, GRC, financial services, risk, fraud, third-party supplier risks

Supplier Risk Management In Financial Services: Overcoming The Dangers

31-Oct-2018 | Ruud Willemsen | Outsourcing

Third-party outsourcing has helped the financial services industry innovate and boost efficiency and earnings, but it's also increased opportunities for fraud.

managed cloud, cloud services, HR, outsourcing

Three Trends To Watch In Managed Cloud And HR

24-Oct-2018 | Lori McNally | Outsourcing

Managed cloud can reduce organizational complexity and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise, including in HR.

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