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Technology, Transformation, And The CFO

8-Mar-2018 | Joel Bernstein | Outcome-Based Pricing

The challenge in a digital economy characterized by constant innovation is to constantly examine how change might impact these controls. The challenge for finance is to play steward in a way that doesn’t stifle innovation.

The Day I Left Finance: The Need For CFOs With Broad Reach

1-Mar-2018 | Joel Bernstein | Outcome-Based Pricing

The digital economy demands that companies fire on all cylinders. This means leaders need to break out of their silos and develop knowledge, coordination, and relationships across all parts of the business.

CFO 2018: Finance And The Move To Outcome-Based Business Models

22-Feb-2018 | Tony Klimas | Outcome-Based Pricing

The finance function needs to transform itself to serve a new business model, where revenues and profits are recognized in entirely different ways. Here's how.

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