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Retail warehouse employees discuss orders on a mobile device while carrying a box

Success In The Subscription Economy Will Require Flexible, High-Volume Billing Solutions

4-Mar-2020 | Dave Fellers | Outcome-Based Economy

While the subscription economy offers huge opportunities, the challenges for companies hoping to enter and succeed are big as well.

Technology, Transformation, And The CFO

8-Mar-2018 | Joel Bernstein | Outcome-Based Economy

The challenge in a digital economy characterized by constant innovation is to constantly examine how change might impact these controls. The challenge for finance is to play steward in a way that doesn’t stifle innovation.

CFO 2018: Finance And The Move To Outcome-Based Business Models

22-Feb-2018 | Tony Klimas | Outcome-Based Economy

The finance function needs to transform itself to serve a new business model, where revenues and profits are recognized in entirely different ways. Here's how.

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