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finance leadership meets to review financial data analytics on cash-flow performance

Three Keys To Data-Driven Finance

26-Jun-2019 | Michel Haesendonckx | Operational Performance

Better finance analytics adds value by delivering business insight and accurately predicting what lies ahead. Here are three keys for moving forward today.

digital transformation, innovation, economics value curve, analytics

Using The Economics Value Curve To Drive Digital Transformation (Part 2)

17-Jan-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Operational Performance

The more dimensions you're trying to optimize against, the more creative and innovative your data and analytics-driven solutions have to be.

analytics, warehousing, economics value curve, innovation, digital transformation

Using The Economics Value Curve To Drive Digital Transformation (Part 1)

14-Jan-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Operational Performance

The solution to diminishing returns in the economics value curve is re-engineering outdated processes with data and analytics.

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