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digital transformation, innovation, economics value curve, analytics

Using The Economics Value Curve To Drive Digital Transformation (Part 2)

17-Jan-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Operational Performance

The more dimensions you're trying to optimize against, the more creative and innovative your data and analytics-driven solutions have to be.

analytics, warehousing, economics value curve, innovation, digital transformation

Using The Economics Value Curve To Drive Digital Transformation (Part 1)

14-Jan-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Operational Performance

The solution to diminishing returns in the economics value curve is re-engineering outdated processes with data and analytics.

IT, OT, operational technology, energy, manufacturing, SCADA, security, industrial control

Convergence Of IT And OT In Energy And Manufacturing

5-Nov-2018 | Mohamed Babikir | Operational Performance

Combining information technology and operational technology has gained favor because it results in a more secure and less costly technology deployment.

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