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Team collaboration is part of the uman experience at work

Welcome To The Era Of 'Human Experience Management'

30-Oct-2019 | Aaron Green | O Data

The best-run companies continually invest in their workforce and put people at the center of their business plans.

Four young business people on a meeting.

The Post-Digital Age: Spending Quality Time With Customers

16-Oct-2019 | Stephane Martin | O Data

The post-digital world brings data together to create strong emotional experiences and support deeper, closer, higher-quality, and more valuable relationships.

Small group of business colleagues and customers standing in colonnade, holding paper cups, talking, side view

Professional Services Firms Learn To “Listen” To Clients And Employees To Drive Success

10-Oct-2019 | Michael Liss | O Data

Companies can differentiate themselves by acquiring, analyzing, and sharing the right data about clients to deliver a high-value, personalized experience.

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