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sales associate swipes a credit card during an in-store transaction

Customer Experience: How Data Empowers Exceptional CX

29-Jan-2020 | Tamara McCleary | O Data

[Episode 2, Season 2] Customer experience is the last true differentiator businesses have left. Explore how to activate data in your organization to drive exceptional customer experience.

Is Experience Management Exclusive To Consumers?

23-Dec-2019 | Yavuz Durgut | O Data

Here's how applying experience management principles to supply chain management can help improve operations and cut costs.

HR manager speaks to an employee to listen to her concerns

Human Experience Management (HXM): The Evolution Continues

17-Dec-2019 | Naomi Benjamin | O Data

HXM reflects the next evolution of human capital management solutions by putting employee experience at the center of HR processes.

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