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Smaller Retailers Find Opportunity In “Retail Apocalypse”

12-Mar-2018 | Joerg Koesters | NRF

For anyone who experienced the energy at NRF 2018, known as Retail’s Big Show, it seems that the so-called inevitable retail apocalypse may be really the great retail renaissance.

Retailers: Is Your Board Digitally Savvy?

12-Feb-2018 | Betsy Atkins | NRF

Engaged board members who understand the power of digitalization bring an unconflicted “inside/outside” perspective that’s worth its weight in objective gold.

Overcoming Digital Disruption In The Retail Industry

8-Jan-2018 | Betsy Atkins | NRF

The turbulent world of modern retail needs to reach beyond the usual suspects to seek leaders who are masters of change.

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