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Retail Experiences: Differentiate To Win

14-Jan-2019 | April Tomlin | NRF 2019

People love to be treated like VIPs, and organizations that recognize this and execute customer service accordingly are winning.

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Retail Experiences Series: Now Vs. Future Profitability

10-Jan-2019 | April Tomlin | NRF 2019

A tunnel-vision approach to profitability may lead to decisions based on protecting protect profit that later cause larger, negative downstream effects.

retail, omnichannel, supply chain, distribution

Retail Experiences: Five Strategies For Serving The Multidimensional Consumer In Omnichannel Retail

10-Jan-2019 | Maria Morais | NRF 2019

Consumers are drastically changing how they acquire products and services, and retailers need to adopt new, multidimensional customer experience strategies.

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