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Beyond Data Visualization: Three Pillars Of Comprehensive Reporting For The Intelligent Enterprise

4-Sep-2019 | Thierry Audas | Natural Language Processing

Revamping enterprise reporting with machine intelligence and easier access for business users extracts more value from data.

1/27/2017 — Seatac Airport, Seatac, Washington, USA

The Smartest Technology In Consumer Products Isn't Only On The Shelves

14-Aug-2019 | Harris Fogel | Natural Language Processing

Back-office tech, specifically that which helps manage travel and expense, can have a significant impact on your employees and the customers they serve.

Time For A Playdate?

17-Apr-2019 | Kerry Brown | Natural Language Processing

Innovation is taking the work out of the work with chatbots, artificial intelligence, and the like. What’s left? One could say it’s the play aspects of work.

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