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Competition Is Everywhere

7-May-2019 | Friedemann Kurz | #Mobility

In high-performance racing, the competition isn’t just on the racetrack. Find out what leading automakers do to get ahead in all aspects of their business.

Improving Mobility With Smart Traffic In Metro Operations

22-Mar-2018 | Konstanze Werle | #Mobility

As urban populations grow, metro operators face greater challenges in relation to commuter safety. Setting up a smart traffic system allows the metro operators to stay up-to-date with real-time incidents and handle malfunctions before they cause injuries or safety concerns.

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Automotive: The Age Of The Mobility Ecosystem

19-Sep-2017 | Dean Afzal | #Mobility

The most powerful part of your car is not your powertrain or engine; it's your smartphone. Learn what that means for the future of the automotive industry.

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