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Purpose in business is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a must-have, strategic imperative. Through purpose, companies can differentiate themselves in a noisy market; attract and retain the best talent; and engage with customers, partners, and thought leaders in a more meaningful way. Our #MillennialsOnPurpose series features millennials expressing their own personal perspectives and stories around purpose-driven business.

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It’s Time To Think About The Power Of The New Generation: GRC Millennials

24-Apr-2019 | Daniel Morfin | Millennials On Purpose

Are millennials killing governance risk, compliance, and audit? Or is GRC killing millennials' expectations?

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How Purpose Will Impact The Business World

23-Jan-2018 | Thomas Leisen | Millennials On Purpose

Purpose is now a driving force in how consumers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders evaluate whether they want to do business with a company.

Boost Employee Engagement Through Purpose (Part 2)

8-Nov-2017 | Thomas Leisen | Millennials On Purpose

Purpose boosts employee engagement and productivity. Here are 5 tips to help you tie your employees' everyday work to your company's purpose.

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