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Two executives meet to discuss merger

M&A Activity Presents Challenges And Opportunities For CFOs

25-Mar-2020 | Dave Fellers | Mergers And Acquisitions

Because so many of the issues surrounding M&A success are financial in nature, CFOs and their staff are invariably are at the center of the action.

woman sitting at desk accepting a delivery

How A Former FBI Agent Approaches Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

24-Mar-2020 | Olivia Berkman | Mergers And Acquisitions

From hacked vendors to corporate card fraud, there are surprises for merging companies around every corner. This former FBI special agent has seen them all.

business leaders engage in merger negotiation in a meeting room with projected growth displayed on a digital monitor on the wall

How To Maximize The Value Of M&A Activities

18-Feb-2020 | Abdullah Dagasan | Mergers And Acquisitions

A modern IT architecture is a key driving force for cost optimization, sales increases, strategic steering, and other priorities in merged companies.

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