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sales associate swipes a credit card during an in-store transaction

Customer Experience: How Data Empowers Exceptional CX

29-Jan-2020 | Tamara McCleary | Marketing Strategy

[Episode 2, Season 2] Customer experience is the last true differentiator businesses have left. Explore how to activate data in your organization to drive exceptional customer experience.

Agricultural fields farms in Brazil at sunset

The Field Of Gold: Why It Is Time To Rethink Your Customer Service

20-Jan-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Marketing Strategy

For chemical manufacturers, customer service is about business growth, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty; efficiency and cost-saving are side effects.

Shopper walking on street with her purchases

Managing Experience And Costs On Retail's 2020 To-Do List

15-Jan-2020 | Elizabeth Maffei | Marketing Strategy

Where is retail heading in the context of private label initiatives, constant change. and experience management?

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