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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Turning Customers Into Promoters

21-Jul-2017 | Peter Johnson | Marketing Influencers

Digitalist Flash Briefing: User-generated content can help improve a brand’s reputation, social engagement, and overall sales. Here's how.

The Difference Between Advocates And Influencers (And Why You Need Both)

22-Mar-2017 | Tiffany Rowe | Marketing Influencers

Both advocates and influencers are integral to a successful marketing campaign. Here are the subtle details of each role and why you need to attract both.

How The Shared Economy And Social Ratings Impact Our Lives

6-Mar-2017 | Umut Cikla | Marketing Influencers

In today's digital economy, online ratings will play an increasingly significant role in perception, trust, employment potential, salary, and more.

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