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‘Welcome To The Future’: Manufacturing’s New Theme Song?

27-Sep-2016 | David Parrish | Machine-To-Machine Communication

Manufacturing is being transformed as the Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines and buildings as well as people.

STILL Uses Innovative Cloud Platform To Power Its Self-Managing cubeXX Forklift

5-Apr-2016 | Lori Jaeger | Machine-To-Machine Communication

By harnessing the Internet of Things, the cubeXX robotic forklift transforms a common warehouse machine into "transport as a service."

CeBIT: Digitization And Why It Is Different This Time

16-Mar-2016 | Kai Goerlich | Machine-To-Machine Communication

Today's digitization differs from what we've seen in the past: It's faster, more disruptive, and not just driven by IT.

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