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Two engineers use data from an intelligent ERP to program a machine on the production floor

Intelligent Automation On A Next-Generation ERP

16-Apr-2020 | Tamara McCleary | Machine Learning

With intelligent ERP, companies can use AI, machine learning, and RPA to automate processes, boost efficiency, and focus on valuable tasks.

Machinist works with plant equipment on the production floor

What Is The Future For Industry In The Post COVID-19 Paradigm?

2-Apr-2020 | John Robinson | Machine Learning

Industry 4.0 is more relevant than ever in making businesses resilient against crises like COVID-19.

Satellite image of lit-up cities at night

Intelligent Analytics: The Search For Hidden Treasure In Your Business Data

2-Apr-2020 | Tamara McCleary | Machine Learning

Without intelligent analytics, you could be leaving priceless treasure buried in the avalanche of your organizational data. Here’s how to extract all the value.

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