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How The CDO Can Improve The Customer Experience

14-Aug-2018 | Katrin Lehmann | Machine Learning

Proper data governance is a bedrock requirement for any company that wants to use data as a source of value, insight, and business advantage.

employee productivity, HR, analytics, machine learning

Ahead Of The Curve: Emerging Technology’s Impact On Employee Productivity

31-Jul-2018 | Scott Pezza | Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data help employees achieve full productivity sooner and longer, creating greater value for business.

mining, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, natural resources

How Innovation Is Changing Natural Resource Companies

26-Jun-2018 | Anton Kroger | Machine Learning

Even as automation brings greater effectiveness to the mining industry, it's key to remember that human innovation, not machines, is driving all of the changes.

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