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Democratizing Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics: Business-Enabled Data Analytics

3-Dec-2018 | John Schitka | Machine Learning

By democratizing PAML via intuitive tools, business users and analysts can leverage predictive technology to answer business problems and drive business value.

IT strategy, leadership, innovation, technology adoption, machine learning, big data, IoT, predictive analytics

Project Put-It-Off-To-Next-Year: How To Fail At Tech Adoption

26-Nov-2018 | Andreas Bitterer | Machine Learning

Having an enforced strategy, aligned with corporate goals, in place takes much of the risk out of adopting new technologies.

innovation, intelligent enterprise, change management, analytics

Key Barriers To Businesses Innovation

22-Nov-2018 | Trent Weier | Machine Learning

Why are some companies unable to capitalize on changing market trends, while others shoot ahead of the competition?

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