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Business man using a smart phone in a taxi

Technological Innovations Optimize Ground Transportation For Business Customers

23-Jan-2020 | Melissa Burns | Logistics

Emerging technologies like autonomous driving, e-hailing, artificial intelligence, and the IoT are set to disrupt transportation as we know it today.

Forklift Truck with Cargo Container --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Design To Operate: Delivering The Goods With Better Logistics

18-Jul-2019 | Markus Rosemann | Logistics

Integrated D2O processes enable your logistics team to ensure that goods are delivered on time at the lowest cost possible and with what customers expect.

produce aisle of a grocery store

A Grocer’s Supply Chain For The Experience Economy: Digitizing Logistics At Migros Aare

5-Jun-2019 | Corinna Stein | Logistics

Getting foods on the grocery shelves at their peak freshness – vital for satisfying customers – requires visibility in the supply chain.

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